Once this blog has presented its research in full, it will hopefully be proven that the man named Jorge Mario Bergoglio, known to the world as “Pope Francis” is, in fact, not the pope.  Nor were his three predecessors: Benedict XVI, John Paul II, and John Paul I.  None of these men were the Supreme Pontiff of the Catholic Church.  History will deem them heresiarchs, usurpers, and antipopes.  And this is for the simple reason that Pope Paul VI never died.

Indeed, His Holiness still lives.  He went into exile in 1972.  At the Vatican, he was replaced by a double.  The network of machinations behind this demonic act of subversion are manifold and intricate, ranging the whole gamut of the enemies of the Church—Freemasons, Kabbalists, occultists, Mohammedans, and others; in this blog they will all be exposed.  God willing (if I am not killed before I can finish this endeavor), their work will be shown for the trickery it is, for it comes from the devil himself, “a liar and the father of lies.”  One thing is for certain: the gates of hell shall never prevail against the Church.  Soon the true and living pope, Sancte Pater Paulus Sextus, will once again step into the light of world—instaurare omnia in Christo (“to restore all things in Christ”).

For those who doubt, I ask only for your patience.  Should you want to give it, the next post is here.  Fiat lux!


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