A most grievous error

It was recently brought to my attention that the name I chose for this blog, “Pontifex Verum,” contains an inaccuracy.  The correct term is “Pontifex Verus,” as pontifex is a masculine word and not neuter.  I myself am not well-versed in Latin except for some common phrases, although as a traditional Catholic I have a great affinity for the sacred language of the Church, and wanted the blog title to reflect this.  I asked an acquaintance how one would say “the true pope” in Latin, and “Pontifex Verum” was the answer I received.  Alas, it was incorrect, and now I must shoulder the embarrassment and make the necessary correction.  My gratitude to the kind and observant reader who pointed this out: we would not, after all, say “pontifex maximum,” but rather “pontifex maximus.”  The title of the blog will be changed shortly, and I believe the URL will change also.  I live and I learn.  Thus it will be: “Pontifex Verus.”


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